Bicycle Courier Gand

As a part−time bike courier at Bikeshift, you will tour the whole of Gand every day and get paid well for it. You determine your own working hours and will receive an e−bike and warm work jacket from Bikeshift!

Working as a part-time bike delivery driver at Bikeshift means that you will be working at various great companies as a bike delivery driver. Of course, we also ensure that you are well taken care of when you start working as a bike courier at Bikeshift. You earn between €13.50 and €20 per hour depending on the company you work for. In addition, you determine your own working hours, you will be paid weekly and we provide good material. You are also directly employed by us and you are well insured. And do you see yourself flashing through the city? Then apply immediately! Enjoy the ride!

Qu'est ce que tu vas faire

As a bicycle courier in Gand, you will deliver groceries, meals or packages from the warehouse, shop or restaurant to people's homes! This means that you will be making a lot of journeys, with a chance to win a nice tip every time. To be able to move through the centre of Gand as quickly as possible, you will be working on a trendy E-bike or on your own bike. You work independently and take care of the products to be delivered. You know how to get to work and you like to be physically active. You are service oriented, a cheerful appearance and the contact person for the customers. You are the representative of your client!

What perks do you get when you become part of the Bikeshift Family?

  • Every week the chance to win €100 cash for the rider of the week
  • We help you find the best client. Together we will find the best match!
  • Opportunity to grow within the organisation
€13,50- €20,00 p/u

What do you need to get started?

  • Minimum age 18 years;
  • Part-time available and/or in the weekend;
  • You know your way around Gand and love cycling;
  • Respect for everyone regardless of origin, religion, etc!

Why cycle courier is the best job?

  • A good salary between €13.50 - €20 per hour (excluding tips), regardless of your age;
  • Weekly pay;
  • You can choose which times you want to work each week. A fixed schedule is also possible;
  • Experience a great team atmosphere and friendly workplace in a decisive environment.