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Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you below. Would you prefer to contact us directly? No problem at all. You can reach us at 070-2002530 or at

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Bikeshift.

We pay a basic hourly salary and you can earn tasty bonuses on top of that!

Your salary including tips will be deposited into your account on a weekly basis!

This varies by client, but usually they will provide you with a bicycle, cargo bike, or e-bike.

No, we think it is important that you are in good hands with us. That's why we arrange for you to be insured during your work, you don't have to arrange your taxes yourself and you build up your vacations and vacation pay.

Of course you can! If you have a working permit you are most welcome to come work for us! Contact us through the website or call 070-2002530.

We are always available on weekdays at 070-2002530 or send us an email at

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Bicycle Courier Amsterdam

Bicycle Courier Amsterdam

(City) bicycle, Electric bike, Electric cargo bike, (Electric) mini van
€ 13,68 - €18,50
Bicycle Courier Cycloon Amersfoort

Bicycle Courier Cycloon Amersfoort

Electric bike, Electric cargo bike
€ 13,81
PostNL Bicycle Courier Ede

PostNL Bicycle Courier Ede

Own (city) bicycle with luggage carrier, Own electric bicycle
€ 13,68