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For employers

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With nearly 10 years of recruitment experience, we now focus all this energy and experience on recruiting only the best bike couriers. Bikeshift handles not only the recruitment and pre-selection, but also the smooth scheduling and fast payments through our specially built mobile application. Using the data collected over the years, we are able to suggest, customize and employ the right courier for the job whenever and wherever it is needed. All couriers are directly employed by Bikeshift, manage their own schedule, get paid weekly, and most importantly are well insured. We aim to become the number one bike courier platform in Europe. Join the ride. Enjoy the ride. Bikeshift.

Data driven

With the collected data and experience, we are a knowledge partner for our customers. We know exactly how the market is developing and can respond accordingly.

We deliver high-quality drivers that are subjected to selection by our recruiters. We conduct several interviews including a final video call to see if the driver fits the profile.

For employers
For employers


In addition, we take over the planning of our pool at the customer's site through our own planning app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Every week, our planners provide you with a customized export file that you can add to your own planning system.

Good employer

We take good care of our drivers. The drivers are employed by us. This means that we provide a weekly payment, continued payment in case of illness and insurance in case something happens.

Furthermore, our team is available all day for questions and we find a personal relationship very important. We are not a platform where people sign up for services but we supervise our bike delivery drivers as best as possible which translates into the performance of our drivers.

If you have any questions after reading this piece don't hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached at 070-2002530 or via

Join the ride. Enjoy the ride. Bikeshift.

Kind regards,
Lodewijk van Nooten
Founder Bikeshift

For employers

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