PRESS RELEASE: Bikeshift exclusively recruits bicycle couriers for Cycloon

publication date27 October 2022ΙBikeshift

Bikeshift recruits new bike couriers for Cycloon. Cycloon: "One of our biggest challenges is finding well-motivated bike couriers"

The Hague/Zwolle, 27 October 2022 - Green and social delivery service Cycloon has chosen Bikeshift, the recruitment platform for bicycle couriers, as preferred supplier to recruit new bicycle couriers in the Netherlands. The demand for qualified and enthusiastic bicycle couriers continues to grow, also at Cycloon (part of Bikeshift recruits and selects bicycle couriers to expand the teams in cities where Cycloon delivers with bicycle couriers.

Many of Cycloon's bicycle couriers deliver parcels alongside their studies or other work, especially in inner cities. Cycloon wants to make the delivery market more sustainable and social. Bikeshift deploys bicycle couriers for various clients as part of a green and sustainable last-mile-delivery strategy.

Lodewijk van Nooten, founder of Bikeshift is delighted with the agreement to now work for Cycloon as a preferred supplier: "We were already working for Cycloon on a more ad hoc basis, now we get a preferred position in the recruitment and selection of new bicycle couriers. The work is fun and healthy and can be perfectly combined with studies or other jobs. More and more people, young and somewhat older, are seeing the benefits of this. As specialists, we know the market well and know where and how to find bicycle couriers, something clients have more difficulty with. Our motivated bicycle couriers get a contract with Bikeshift and can schedule their own working hours. Bikeshift takes care of a lot for Cycloon: recruitment and selection via whatsapp video calls, salary payment, insurance and continued payment in case of illness. Smart and data-driven, we organise the staff schedules allowing Cycloon to do what they do best; deliver parcels in a social and sustainable way."

Sander Westenberg, Manager Recruitment at Cycloon: "In addition to all the great customers we already have and our recent partnership with, Cycloon is growing incredibly fast. To realise this growth, we are happy to hook up specialists to help us. One of our biggest challenges is finding well-motivated bicycle couriers. Something Bikeshift has been successfully helping us with for some time, hence the decision to expand our cooperation! We see in Bikeshift a partner that can help us achieve our goals both in the short and long term."


Mark (fietskoerier Bikeshift werkend bij Cycloon) en Lodewijk van Nooten CEO Bikeshift
Mark (fietskoerier Bikeshift werkend bij Cycloon) en Lodewijk van Nooten CEO Bikeshift

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