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publication date15 February 2022ΙLodewijk van Nooten

Founder Bikeshift visiting Gorillas Belgium. Read his story below.

Last Friday, our Founder Lodewijk van Nooten visited Gorillas in Belgium.

Bikeshift has been working with Gorillas for a few months now, and recently it was announced that Bikeshift has extended and prolonged its collaboration with Gorillas. Time for a visit... 

Lodewijk van Nooten writes:

''Since 6 weeks we are active in Belgium so it was time for my first working visit to one of our customers Gorillas in Antwerp.

Our ambition to become the number one bicycle courier platform in Europe comes a step closer with this opportunity.

I would like to thank Ugne Putriuvyte for the pleasant tour of one of the locations in Antwerp.

I also want to thank Joost Claessens and Sadik Cevik of Gorillas for their trust to add Belgium to our Dutch partnership.

I am looking forward to our long term cooperation''.

Update Bikeshift Belgium

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