Bikeshift X DOCKR

Delivery services and other logistics service providers face two major challenges: hard−to−reach inner cities with high parking costs and environmental zones on the one hand, and staff shortages on the other.


On the road together

On the road together

At DOCKR we recently entered into a strategic partnership with Bikeshift. Bikeshift is the recruitment platform for bicycle couriers. Together we help our customers to find good staff and a good electric cargo bike. How cool is that?!

By joining forces, our customers are completely unburdened. Customers can make use of an all-inclusive subscription in which both the means of transport and the bicycle courier are easily arranged. In this way we are on the road to a more sustainable future together.

Fanatic bicycle couriers

Fanatic bicycle couriers

With almost 10 years of recruitment experience, Bikeshift focuses with a large dose of energy and experience on recruiting only the very best bicycle couriers. For example, did you know that they are active in 27 cities and already have 4 awards in their pocket?

A liveable city center

A liveable city center

At DOCKR we stand for flexibility, sustainability and speed. It is therefore no coincidence that we find exactly these properties in our new partner Bikeshift. In this way we ensure that the quality of life in cities is improved in a sustainable way. And that packages are delivered quickly. We also use flexible subscriptions.

Our subscriptions can be canceled monthly and you can scale down, scale up or switch mode of transport when it suits you. Sounds good, right?

We work together with

We work together with the following clients.

  • Gorillas
  • Cycloon
  • TDV
  • MarleenKookt
  • Bloom Clicl Delivery
  • Zapp
  • Mr. Butler
  • postnl
  • MSG
  • Moss

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